Atrax Platinum rollerball with M3 metal

$ 165.00

Unique materials and artistic design are the cornerstone of our business. Such is the case with this pen. The hardware is crafted from platinum. This material is a hearty, shiny metal that will last a very long time.

Most remarkable is the material used for the barrels. A recent development in metallurgy is the process known as M3. This process consists of melting the metals to the lowest molecular level and then combining the molten metal to make incredible metal pens. The metals used to make the body of this pen were a combination of cobalt and titanium which is now known as M3 Cobaltium.

There are few pen craftsman who engage in metal pen turning because of the extra care needed to create these beauties. 

This rollerball pen comes with an upgrade Schmidt refill. One extra refill, a black protective pouch a white gift box and free shipping in the Continental US.