• The Awabi Mother of Pearl
  • Created from glass fiber
  • A Great Birthday Gift For My Father
  • Old Irish Bog oak, 5000 yrs. old
  • New Series Ballpoint Twist Pens
  • Steampunk Bolt Action, Antique Brass & Copper
  • Nouveau Screptre
  • HPP Award

Frontpage Collection

Welcome to Handcrafted Pens by Paul  LLC

Our goal is to seek a story and use materials to create a lasting and beautiful memory. We are a small handcrafted fabricator who see opportunity, utilizing a story approach and where a sustainable and repurposed material is available.​ 

  • We specialize in collaborating with our clients
  • We strive to craft pens that create/enhance emotional attachment
  • Provide to the business community fine writing instruments that fulfill their special needs.

We recognize there are many pen makers but very few who offer the opportunity for the client to be involved in the creation of the gift from the beginning and through the entire process. We can help you give a gift of distinction, one of a kind and one that may bring tears to the eyes of the recipient. We are ready to begin the journey with you.


Paul Otis