The Lost Tree

Posted on 5 Aug 04:04

Awhile back I contacted Paul to craft four pens for me. Each pen was made from an American Black Walnut tree that was unintentionally burned in a prairie fire. I hated to lose such a beautiful tree but was able to salvage enough wood for Paul to craft beautiful heirlooms. The pens were given as gifts to the other heirs to our farm. While the fire was an unpleasant experience Paul enabled our family to preserve the memory of that beautiful tree and the heritage of our farm.

After my wonderful first experience I reconnected with Paul and asked if he could craft another pen for a professor friend. The pen was designed and turned from an Osage Orange tree that my friend had planted himself many years before. The tree was going to be lost due to a highway expansion project. I knew the good professor was upset by the loss of the tree. So the idea of a fine work of art in the form of a pen and made from the tree remains made a lot of sense.

Paul did this time as he did the first time I contacted him, he took the time to consult with me as to what I was looking for and what would make that unique and special gift for my friend. After a brief discussion it was decided that a pen could be crafted from the fallen Osage Orange tree remains.

Due to its strength, Osage Orange is the wood Indians used to make bows. It will not rot. Its fruit ( sometimes called hedge apples) is
sometimes used to repell insects away from the exterior of a house or garage. The wood is hearty and this beautiful pen will last my friend a lifetime.

Thomas Fountaine 

August 2017