Our Beginning

Many have asked how I became interested in fine writing instruments? Until about seven years ago I had no good answer. Then one day I was rummaging through my desk  and found a box that seemed familiar. I opened it and found a pen and pencil set I hadn't seen in many, many years. This set was a high school graduation present from my mother and when I received it I thought it was really "Cool". My mother has long since passed and because of my lucky find I now have a gift from her that has stood the test of time and is a great remembrance.

At that point I decided to learn the pen craft. After years of study, experimenting and practice our youngest son suggested I pursue a business venture with him and thus was born Handcrafted Pens By Paul.

Our Mission

Through our on line store we offer a nice assortment of handcrafted pens. Our main interest is to collaborate with our clients to create works of art, one of a kind pens that have meaning, rekindle memories and maybe even fire emotional attachment. We provide to our corporate clients crafted instruments made from such things as old wood that was once part of an historical company sight, desk, bar. etc. 

Our Clients are both individuals and businesses. Our gifts have been crafted  for all types of occasions and in many cases the materials used were from a memory or historical event. Materials provided by our clients frequently become the material for the creation of a fine piece art and a useful writing tool.