The M1 Heirloom Pen – Honoring those who Served

Posted on 10 Jul 05:54

The M1 Heirloom Pen Honoring those who Served

I was thrilled when I received my M1
Heirloom Pen as a gift. The barrel of
the pen is made from the beautiful
walnut stock of a seasoned M-1 rifle

a rifle that could have seen duty in
scores of important defense campaigns in our American history. As a past serviceman and American

patriot I am honored to own this pen and I carry it with me in my pocket. It is a conversation piece, a high quality writing instrument, a slice of history and most importantly it is one of the ways that I honor all the soldiers who a carried military rifles like this into battle to defend
our country

and our freedoms.
the quality, design and the story that I have given several M1 pens as gifts to others including some of my non-military family members. It is my way of honoring my brothers, all those in the military and keeping me in their minds every time they write with it or show it to friends.

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