Jr. Statesman Rollerball, finished with rhodium and black titanium. Barrels crafted with 5000 year old Bog Wood

$ 300.00

Jr. Statesman Rollerball Pen is a sleek, well balanced, fine writing instrument.

  • Nib is smooth and very comfortable which makes for a very enjoyable writing experience.
  • The metal finish parts are rhodium and black titanium.
  • Rhodium is one of the worlds most expensive metals and is extremely durable.
  • Barrels of pen were turned using Ancient Bog Oak
  • Ancient Bog Oak wood is remains of oak wood trees that have been reclaimed from ancient bogs (swamps) and repurposed into pen barrels and furniture.
  • Certificate of Authenticity provided.

Included; premium presentation box, black protective pouch upgraded Schmidt refill. and unprocessed piece of wood from the actual pen.

Shipping free in the Continental USA

Handcrafted with Pride in the USA