Making of the Venus Rollberall pen with Awabi Shell

Posted on 10 Jan 06:59
This stylish and elegant pen was hand crafted from the shell of the Awabi. Awabi is a different species of Albalone. The Awabi is native to northern coastal waters of Japan. In the United States this shell would be generically labeled Abalone.
Awabi is a beautiful material that shows its true color and brilliance under water. The shell, encased in polyester resin has the same effect as being placed under water and brings out the amazing look of the shell. 

The painstaking process of making the pen begins with the delicate cutting of very thin strips of the shell. The strips are carefully placed on an inner pen tube. The strips are then encased in polyester resin. The shell blank is then hand turned on a lathe, sanded and polished to a high luster.
The hardware features clear faceted crystals that adorn several pen parts. The metal parts of the pen are plated with rhodium, one of the rarest and durable of all precious metals. The ink refill is made by Schmidt, the German Company, one of the world’s best refill manufactures.

“Mother Nature” never produces exact duplicates of anything. This pen is truly unique and there will never be another like it.