The 1973 Firecoach Crown Pumper Engine

Posted on 10 Jan 07:12

After serving UC Davis fire Department for 30 years this 1973 Firecoach Crown Pumper Engine is now property of UC Davis Athletic Department Purchased by the UC Davis Fire Department back on March 11, 1974 this engine was one of three main workhorses of the University of California, Davis Fire Department. The rig known as Engine 234 was put into service and served gallantly for the department in and around the community of Davis, CA and had been sent all the way down to Los Angeles during the LA fires. In the winter of 2003 the UC Davis Fire Department finally retired Crown Engine 234 and replaced it with a newer Westates Engine.

Engine 234 was purchased and refurbished by the UC Davis Athletic Department and put into service as a spirit vehicle. It has been present at home football games, fund raising activities and has been seen around the state advertising the university.

After several years of very active service the teak bed of the truck was removed as it had become worn and a bit dangerous. Handcrafted Pens By Paul was commisioned to create pens and pencils as keep sakes and works of art for those who invested so much time and energy. Instead of the truck potentially ending up in the scrap heap it has now been completely refurbished and now has a new purpose. Handcrafted Pens By Paul was proud to be a part of this project.