Jr. Harold Rollerball, titanium gold with Irish Bog Oak Wood

$ 120.00

This unique pen makes a very special and unusual gift. This pen was crafted from remains of an Irish Bog Oak tree,

  • Estimated to be between 5000 and 6000 yrs. old. While this wood is not considered rare it is becoming harder and harder to find. The wood is only raised from the bogs once a year so when the supply is exhausted that is it for another year.
  • Rollerball features a titanium gold finish
  • The highest quality components are used
  • The Jr. Harold boasts a highly detailed knurled center band, with a domed finial.
  • Jr Harold is postable designed for a perfect balance and an effortless writing experience. 

Few people are fortunate enough to own anything as old as the barrel material of this pen. The pen will come with the story of the Irish Bog Oak, white gift box, black pouch and additional ink refill. Refills are the rollerball  style and available at office supply retailers.

Applicable Sales tax and shipping charges @ $8.95 

Handcrafted in the USA